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BASAL COSMETICS is a company specialized in creating color cosmetics.

With a trajectory of more than 30 years in the Netherlands, until disembarkation in Barcelona, to offer a better service to its customers in Spain and North Africa.


Its main operation is the creation, design, development and manufacture of cosmetic products color, without neglecting the care of the skin.


We develop innovative products in color, texture and shades that anticipate fashion trends.


The foundation of our philosophy is customer, adapting flexibly to the needs of them, but never losing our quality, to present a good business plan in developing their products.


Adapting ourselves to the times in agility, production, price, speed, minimum quantities and large rotation.

We have two production laboratories and distribution centers: Zaandam (Netherlands) and Barcelona (Spain) for better response and dealing with our customers, agility in manufacturing, packaging and delivery of service to your company.

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